A comprehensive ebook aimed at teaching you the secrets of traveling for free using Travel Credit Cards. I define terms such as "travel hacking" and "free travel," and by the end of this ebook, you'll be on your way to earning your first free flight or hotel stay.

A look into the ebook:

  • Chapter 1: The "Secret" to Free Travel
  • Chapter 2: 6 Reasons People LOVE Travel Credit Cards
  • Chapter 3: All About Sign-Up Bonuses
  • Chapter 4: Ongoing Point Accumulation
  • Chapter 5: Redeeming Points
  • Chapter 6: Annual Fees and Why They're Worth It
  • Chapter 7: Hotel/Airline Cards
  • Chapter 8: How To Use Travel Credit Cards Responsibly
  • Chapter 9: My Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started